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Typical Voice Values:


SAM : SPEED = 72, PITCH = 64, THROAT = 128, MOUTH = 128.
Little Robot : SPEED = 92, PITCH = 60, THROAT = 190, MOUTH = 190.
Little Old Lady : SPEED = 82, PITCH = 32, THROAT = 145, MOUTH = 145.
Stuffy Guy : SPEED = 82, PITCH = 72, THROAT = 110, MOUTH = 105.
Elf : SPEED = 72, PITCH = 64, THROAT = 110, MOUTH = 160.
Extra-Terrestrial : SPEED = 100, PITCH = 64, THROAT = 150, MOUTH = 200.

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Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator

Version 2.0

Amplitude: 100
Pitch: 50
Speed: 175
Word gap: 0

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SAM Software Automatic Mouth.
Online Text to Speech Software Automatic Mouth - Tiny Speech Synthesizer. ONLINE SAM RECITER ROBOT is an Multi Language Text To Speech program that converts ordinary text into phonemes that S.A.M. can understand. You simply supply output strings of 256 characters or less to the program. SAM RECITER takes care of the rest. The program uses about 450 rules to convert English into S.A.M.'s phonetic language. Included among these rules are some stress markers for situations where the stress choice is unambiguous. In addition, S.A.M.'s usual punctuation rules still operate with some additional symbols ("!", ";", and ":") being considered as periods. The net result is that even directly-translated English text has a fair amount of inflection. SAM RECITER also recognizes a number of special characters. Numbers are read aloud, and several others are pronounced as well. If a character is not understood by SAM RECITER, it simply isn't passed to S.A.M. We recommend use of SAM RECITER ROBOT (or any text-to-speech program, for that matter) only for applications where the user has no control of the text. For example, text already in a file, text received over a MODEM, and text supplied by users unfamiliar with the phonetic system. Where the highest quality speech with full inflection is desired, we urge you to use S.A.M.'s phonetic system. Multi Language Support: .American & British English, Arabic, Armenian, Australian, Bangla Bangladesh, Bangla India, Brazilian Portuguese, Bosnian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Deutsch, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, French Canadian, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese,Korean, Latin, Latvian, Norwegian, Macedonian, Moldavian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian,Sinhala, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish,Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. Written by Mark Barton S.A.M. and Reciter programs Documentation and packaging (c) 1982 -- Don't Ask, Inc. Google Pixel Text To Speech | Smasung Text To Speech | iPhone Text To Speech | iPad Text To Speech | Tablet Text To Speech | | LG Text To Speech | Motorola Text To Speech | OnePlus Text To Speech | Nokia Text To Speech Online | Huawei Text To Speech | Realme Text To Speech Online | iPhone 12 etc.

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